Very interesting concept! A new platform – Praice – allows you to invite your network to tell the world how they see you.

The article I have linked to below is unfortunately only available in Danish. So, as a little service to all my English speaking readers, here is an explanation in English.

The aim of Praice is to get a more truthful portrait of your personality, which both job applicants and companies can use in a recruitment process. The platform is very simple and has both a Danish and an English interface, and can therefore be used all over the world.

You  ”praice” a person according to 5 different categories: core, mind, drive, vibe and style. The core of you personality – are you mostly a skeptic or an optimist, how do you think – practical vs. creative, what drives you – cooperation vs. competition, your vibe – are you sincere or cunning and how do you interact with people. Each category has 8 different words you can use to describe the person by. For the category “Core”, you can choose between: rational, individualistic, egocentric, optimistic, emphatic, conform, considerate and skeptic.

So, what can this platform be used for? Praice does not allow you to display your full profile in the same way LinkedIn does, and this is not its purpose either. What it does, is to provide an easy overview of your personal qualities as seen by your peers.

Check it out at and see what you think. Since the platform is quite new, you will not find many friends/connections there.

So get going and invite your network to try it out.

Link to article in Danish: